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Destiny Choices

It is your destiny...
There are three different options for destiny choices missions, with differing outcomes. Destiny choices can be used once per trooper, after season 2 is released, there will be another round of destiny choices for holders. Holders will be able to claim $TROOP token after our mint allowing them to make destiny choices for their trooper, with a small amount of ADA (season 2 and beyond).
You may send your trooper on a mission with the imperial necromancer, Zelus Lemures. He is a very shady character and may 'experiment' on your trooper, who may then return to your wallet 'altered' a zombie! Zombies reroll their arena attributes so this is a good way to edit a Trooper with poor arena stats.
You may send your Trooper on a mission to serve the imperator, who will bestow a promotion on them. This will allow Commanders to be promoted into Patriarch/Matriarch and receive passive income. Necromancers could be promoted to Commanders allowing for them to be promoted again in the next round of destiny choices to the passive income bracket.
You may send your troopers in pairs on search and rescue missions to battle against the Karg. They will return with a rescued Space Trooper, who will be eligible to enter the arena to earn weekly Ada in our Game-Fi system. While Troopers listed on the secondary market can still accumulate $TROOP, holder will not be able to claim token until NFT is delisted or sold. Troopers listed in secondary market will also be unable to participate in destiny choices.
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