Future Plans

The future is Space Troopers
After the mint, we will focus on delivering our Destiny Choices mission event, giving the opportunity to set the stage for the next phase of our project. Following previous events, we will begin shifting to the lore part of the project, which will unwind many untold events that will lead to the next round of Destiny Choices. What exactly happened during the event? Why is the Karg so interested in terminating our human race? Some of our ongoing developments outside of the lore: - Updates to our P2E web-game, including implementing our attribute system - Onboarding projects into the arena to bring additional utility and compliment ADA rewards to our Troopers for their weekly seasonal battles. - Develop a staking platform for holders to earn $TROOP and expand to offer our services to projects to sustain our utility within the Space Trooper multiverse.
Captain Dimittis Solaris Ignis