Play to earn
We want to release a play to earn game alongside our NFTs as soon as they are minted. This game will be accessible via our website, it will be free to play for holders.
‘The Arena’ will take the form of a roman gladiator’s arena in a battle royale style format. Holders can enter single-combat with one NFT, in the future we plan to develop Squad combat with 3 NFTs, as long as one of the three is rank of captain or higher.
An NFT can enter single-combat once per day, this takes the form of a 10-trooper battle royale fight to the death. Troopers earn medals based on how far they progress in their battle and at the end of the week medals are totaled, Troopers will be honored in our Hall of Heroes based on their achievements, and ADA will be sent to the wallets containing the troopers with the most medals.
There is no limit to how many troopers that can be entered by each holder, although each NFT can only be entered once per day. Weekly Ada prizes will be paid from secondary royalties and from subscription fees from other projects using our game platform, details will be posted on our website and discord server.
Once the battle has been completed, holders will be able to view a text-based representation of events, we are exploring a more graphic, animated version of events, although this is unlikely to be ready at the point we launch and will be developed in the future.
Troopers listed on the secondary market will be unable to enter the arena.
Sergeant Domina Regentum Gelu