Our Team

Meet the folks!

We are a MX/UK-based family run and managed project, we want to promote mental health awareness and have partnered with charities to share profits.

Angelo AKA Altum Potencia (high.af): Project Lead, Marketing: I work in Public Relations and Marketing outside of Web 3. I'm Mexican/American, a father of two boys, a gamer and Pokemon fan at heart. I've been in the Cardano space for 2 years and my first NFT I minted were 2 Cornucopias bubblejets. I like to do everything! From programming, to graphic design, content creation, animation, community building and music production.
Jorge AKA Kukulkan Tlatoani (Trotamoto): Business Director: Entrepreneur, DAO, DeFi, and Cardano enthusiast with a business and engineering mindset. Passionate about decentralization. World citizen. I've been in Cardano since end of 2021. I love to dance, travel and spend time with my family! Being Mexican is my super power!
Alex AKA Indomitus Sanguis (AL): Founder, Developer, Design: I am a father of 3, working 2 jobs in the UK as a mental health nurse and a vocational assessor, helping people with mental health problems get back to work. I used to develop software to release on the Apple AppStore, and I enjoy cooking, gardening, and have been a gamer for over 30 years. I was once threatened with legal action by SEGA Europe!
Lens: Developer, Design: I am a computer scientist, about to commence my masters degree. I love Dua Lipa, FPS gaming, coding (of course), and curry! I have already developed a fully functional blockchain prototype, and I have ambitions to one day start my own tech company.
Digiwombat: Marketing: I am originally from Sydney Australia but have been in the UK for 20+ years. I currently work as head of marketing for a tech company. I previously ran an events agency with clients including Vodafone and Cisco. I enjoy good food and fine wine, an earth mother to 3 sassy children. I am a beast at karaoke and occasionally practice as a white witch!
We are fully doxed at our website https://spacetroopers.org/ and have partnered with No Panic, registered charity number 1018184
Sergeant Sicarius Erebus Umbra