Our team

Meet the folks!

We are a UK-based family run and managed project, we want to promote mental health awareness and have partnered with charities to share profits.

Digiwombat – Design, marketing, project lead - I work in marketing for a tech company and have also suffered depression in the past. I am Australian but have been in the UK for around 20 years now, I still have an Aussie accent but my family at home constantly tell me I sound like a pom! Al is my husband and Lens and Cobalt are our sons, we like playing Mario-kart together when we are all available!
AL – Design, community management, programming - I work as a mental health nurse and I have experienced depression in the past. I have also worked as a programmer, designing and releasing games on iPhone and iPad. I enjoy being the best in the family at Mario-kart.
Lens – Programming, design - I am currently studying computer science in higher education, I am currently developing a blockchain in my spare time. Al is not better than me at Mario-kart.
We are fully doxed at our website https://spacetroopers.org/ and have partnered with No Panic, registered charity number 1018184
Sergeant Sicarius Erebus Umbra