The plot is laid out!
In the year 27,545 the ruling imperator decreed that a change was required to save the human race from extinction. The humans home world had been destroyed thousands of years ago, billions of lives were lost but a few million escaped through a wormhole, fleeing into the depths of space. Here humans had carved a peaceful existence, mining and trading with other races, repopulating, rebuilding wealth and prosperity. Unfortunately regaining wealth had not gone un-noticed by the Karg, an aggressive race native to the human’s new part of the galaxy. The Karg would regularly plunder trade routes, taking advantage of the human’s under-strength and under prepared military. The imperators decree was that enough had been lost. It was time for humans to put their remaining resources into fighting back. Ancient knowledge derived from ‘The Necronomicon’ and all the wealth the imperium could muster was allocated to training and equipping an elite military force – Space Troopers. They would defend the fleet, matching the military power of the Karg, not by gravity of numbers but by technological superiority and tactical awareness. They would provide a deterrent and undertake retaliatory strikes against the Karg to enable the humans to prosper once more.
Legionary Somus Divinus Sanctus